Children and Bedtime

Childen and Bed Time

October 26, 2021

Bed time should not have to be a time for fighting, kicking and screaming. Put you child on a routine...

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Children and Bedtime

Childen and Bed Time

October 26, 2021

Bed time should not have to be a time for...

Marijuana Cure Cancer

Could Marijuana Cure Cancer?

July 19, 2021

It's long been known that THC gummies can help with...

A Brief History of Alchemy

August 13, 2020

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PCT Xtreme (Post Cycle Support & Testosterone Booster) Review

Testosterone Booster

I am an amateur body builder and I take pride in the fact that I am all natural, unlike many people in this industry using this testosterone booster.  I do, however, rely on supplements to help me achieve gains and maintain my progress.  Recently I introduced the PCT Xtreme testosterone booster into my supplement routines, and it has given me such great gains and almost instant results that I needed to come here to write this review.

The cycle is key

First of all, I chose this product because it is part of a cycle.  To me, this was key, because if you just start taking a supplement every single day forever, eventually your body is going to get used to that supplement, and it will not have the same effects as it used to.  Pretty soon, you will have to start taking more and more, and even then, it will not have the same effects as you desire.  That is why I like the PCT Xtreme, because it takes advantage of your body’s ability to adjust without giving you the chance to get used to it.

The science of the cycle

This is a thirty day cycle, and it goes week by week.  The first week you take four pills a day, and you should feel the effects of this right away.  You will have more energy, you should be able to lift more.  It is really nice.  The second week you drop down to three pills a day.  You will be feeling even better during this week, you should see more results and gains.  The third week you only take two pills a day, but even still, you will be satisfied with your performance, and the fourth week you take two pills a day again.  Even in that fourth week, you will not be able to tell that you are taking less because your overall testosterone levels will be elevated from what they were before the cycle.

This 30 day cycle is plenty of time for you to achieve noticeable gains, and have them be solidified.  I would recommend going on a PCT Xtreme cycle during a bulking phase so you can get the maximum benefit from the increased testosterone.  You may be able to get two cycles in, too, perhaps one at the beginning and end of your bulk phase.  This is a safe and all natural way to supplement your workouts.  I have been impressed and pleased with my progress so far.

How To Use Hemp Protein in Smoothies

Hemp Protein in Smoothies

Hemp is an excellent source of complete, natural, organic proteins and includes all eight essential amino acids. Thats the reason people do buy Delta 8 carts from online stores. Amino acids assist the body in making the protein it needs. In addition to protein, hemp is also a good source of healthy fats and dietary fiber that provide energy and satiation.

Hemp protein is appropriate for vegans and it is free of common allergens such as nuts, gluten and lactose — ideal for those on special diets. It can be used in a variety of methods including blended into smoothies or drinks, sprinkled over salads and cereals or stirred into yogurts. Include hemp protein as part of a healthy diet in addition to regular physical activity for good health.

Hemp Protein Smoothie:


∙ Blender

∙ 15 grams g hemp protein powder

∙ One 1 cup non-dairy milk

∙ Banana

∙ 1 cup of spinach

∙ Tall glass


  1. Pour 1 tbsp. of hemp protein powder into a blender. The hemp powder will provide approximately 7 g of protein.

  2. Add 1 cup of water or dairy-free milk such as almond or rice milk to the blender.

  3. Chop a banana and add to blender with other ingredients.

  4. Add a handful of spinach leaves or other green leafy vegetable such as spinach for additional fiber and nutrients to the blender.

  5. Blend on high speed for approximately 30 seconds to one minute or until thoroughly mixed with a smooth consistency. Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately or refrigerate tightly covered for use later that day.

Skill Level Required:

Moderately Easy


Consult a health professional before adding any foods to your diet that you are unsure of or that may interfere with health conditions or prescriptions.

Natural Appetite Suppressants: Your Friend for Weight Loss

Natural Appetite Suppressants

One of the biggest problems faced by people around the world, especially by women, is obesity. In casual medical terminology, obesity is a state in which additional body weight piles up to such an amount that it becomes dangerous to our health. Different techniques are used by people to overcome weight issues like exercising, dieting, or using best appetite suppressant.

When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people look for safe appetite suppressant s to reduce weight as they are easy to use and require little extra effort. There are a lot of diet pills available in the market which makes it quite difficult for the consumer to find one that really works and has little side effects. The reason behind it being difficult is that every company makes so many claims that confuse the purchaser.

As you may know, the easiest way of losing weight is by using natural appetite suppressants . However, one has to check whether the pills they are using will be safe or not.

There are a lot of dieting supplements available in the market but finding the best natural diet pill is not an easy task because many companies make assertions that are fake and deceptive. Many of these pills also have several side effects which could result in serious illness.

Therefore, it recommended that one should perform a market survey before purchasing a product. Product reviews help a great deal in clearing the confusion. Moreover, people should take time to carefully read the ingredients and guidelines of these pills. The best thing you can do is use natural appetite suppressants, as they contain no artificial ingredients, thus making it safer and more tolerant for the consumer.

Natural appetite suppressants are reliable and perfect for people who want to lose weight for the long-run. These natural pills have shown astonishing outcomes and have helped a lot of people in overcoming their tendency to overeat. Women can use these pills to achieve the weight loss they are seeking. Obesity is a major issue for women around the world. Keeping up with a career, as well as family, and also finding time to exercise while one is overweight may be difficult.

Whether you are male or female if you are suffering from a weight problem then Caralluma Actives appetite suppressant could be your friend in your war against being overweight. So just log on to the website and check out this amazing product. Caralluma Actives consists of natural ingredients that help you lessen your consistent hunger pains and encourage you to eat less, helping you to take off the extra pounds that are holding you back.

Childen and Bed Time

Children and Bedtime

Bed time should not have to be a time for fighting, kicking and screaming. Put you child on a routine and by that I mean at a certain specific time your child is in bed, period. give your child a perfect sleep. You should never tell a child “OK, go to bed, now!”, instead you start by telling them “in an hour it will be bedtime“. And have a count down method, “in forty five minutes you will be in bed” and then “in half an hour it will be time for bed“, then “you still have fifteen minutes left“, let get you pajamas on and have a drink of water, then let them stay with you a couple of minutes, talk about their day, “did you have a nice day?“, “maybe tomorrow we will…” then “mommy loves you, say good night to … and …(your dog or your cat)” then “lets go to the washroom one more time” and “hurry up, tomorrow morning is coming fast, you need your rest in order to …” then a last good night and you then walk away and leave the light on just an extra two minutes and come back to close the light and say “love you, have a good sleep, and see you tomorrow!” and just close the light.

A child who has a certain time to adjust to the idea of going to bed will normally accept the idea of bed better than a child who has been told on the spur of the moment to do something and be commanded to do something. In that situation a child will usually fight, kick and scream because he is not happy about the idea of “NOW!”. So it is always the idea of making them adjust to the situation instead of reacting to the situation.

This method works for a lot of situation and will avoid a lot of wars, just remember we as adult don’t like to be commanded to do anything, we like to be asked, so why do we impose and demand it from our kids, it will not help them to become responsible adult if you always treat them with yelling and fighting, it will make them more aggressive, because everything growing up would have been a battle for them.

So pick your battles, most of the time they will listen to you more, respect you and be more inclined to come to you for help instead of lying, get in trouble and make your life miserable. It is always cute when they are small but they don’t stay cute and innocent long enough. So it is for you to be the responsible one and be the person who will guide them and get them ready for the real world.

Could Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Marijuana Cure Cancer

It’s long been known that THC gummies can help with the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Recently, however, it has also been claimed that cannabis may actually be able to cure cancer itself.

So, can marijuana cure cancer?

What follows is an attempt to examine these claims and their validity.

  Rick Simpson’s hemp oil – some background

This article was inspired by Run From The Cure, a documentary about a Canadian man who claims that the concentrated oil from the cannabis plant has cured his skin cancer, as well as a variety cancers in people from his community. The entire story is documented here.

This video has inspired hundreds of others to try this cure for themselves. As such, I think it’s worth examining whether there is any validity to these claims. Today there are a couple dozen YouTube videos from people who have tried the same treatment regimen. Many claim that hemp oil has also cured their cancer, and some of these videos even include day-by-day photos showing their tumors shrinking. Despite the fact that there are no clinical trials supporting this notion, the idea that cannabis has strong anti-cancer properties is actually supported by pre-clinical, in vitro, and animal studies. The idea that cannabis can cure cancer is also supported by epidemiological studies, which have found that longterm marijuana users have vastly lower rates of certain cancers than non users.

This article isn’t meant as medical advice, rather it’s meant to help those who are interested find the various YouTube videos of people talking about how hemp oil has cured their cancer, and also find all of the academic research on marijuana’s anti-cancer properties. It’s basically just a jumping off point for people who want to be up-to-date on the latest scientific research, as well as the latest testimonials from those who are actually trying this for themselves. (Unfortunately the government has made it impossible to conduct actual clinical trials, so all we have to go on is the meager pre-clinical evidence; hopefully this will change within the next ten years.)

A big reason I made this article is so that people have something useful they can send to those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Although we still have much more to learn about marijuana’s anti-cancer properties, it is already very well established that there are major benefits for those suffering the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. This article is also meant to help people learn more about those benefits as well.

Some DIY Ideas

DIY Ideas

Crafting is undoubtedly that something that is not at all spicy. You can craft some things right in your own house. You can make use of things that you have lying around, here and there. Crafting with your children can sometimes get annoying because they keep demanding you things. I suggest you keep them in check by using things that are recyclable and some things that you do not need anymore. The DIY ideas that you can do will need cereal boxes, springs, egg cartons, jar lids, paper towel rolls and more.

We all know that children love to do DIY craft. Making use of recyclable objects to make these craft is undoubtedly a fun way to teach them and also a great way to learn, for us. It teaches children the benefits of recycling. I have created a list that will make sure that your children enjoy doing these projects.

You can create your own underwater paradise full of colourful fish, bubbles and plants as well. Collect all of the bottle caps which are made of plastic from bottles that are not in use. Paint the caps with bright colours and draw some scales on them. Now have a whole school of friendly fish.

Toilet roll bird

You can make a toilet roll bird feeder in some creative ways. This idea is definitely brilliant for birds. Save up on some toilet rolls and cover them in peanut butter. Roll them in birdseed and hang them outside. Here is a private birdwatching session for you.

I am sure that you have a stack of old CDs just lying around here and there. Children will actually love turning all of your old series into some different kinds of birds and other animals. Make sure that you supervise them when they are making use of the CDs. They can be sure when they are cut or broken.

They can also be used as wheels for a car that you can build with some leftover cardboard. Make use of a cardboard box and cut holes in the sides—four holes to be precise. Pass a wooden stick through the holes. Now attach a CD to each end of the stick. Paint the box according to your desires. Now you have a DIY car ready to roll around.

You can make an egg carton dragonfly very easily. All you need is an accordion, some coloured paper, some glow, some springs and you are set. Cut the egg carton in the middle, so it forms a long body. This is the body of the dragonfly. Cut the coloured paper in the shape of the wings and glue them onto the body. Please make use of the springs as its antennas. Paint the springs.