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Childen and Bed Time

Bed time should not have to be a time for fighting, kicking and screaming. Put you child on a routine and by that I mean at a certain specific time your child is in bed, period. give your child a perfect sleep. You should never tell a child “OK, go to bed, now!”, instead you start by telling them “in an hour it will be bedtime“. And have a count down method, “in forty five minutes you will be in bed” and then “in half an hour it will be time for bed“, then “you still have fifteen minutes left“, let get you pajamas on and have a drink of water, then let them stay with you a couple of minutes, talk about their day, “did you have a nice day?“, “maybe tomorrow we will…” then “mommy loves you, say good night to … and …(your dog or your cat)” then “lets go to the washroom one more time” and “hurry up, tomorrow morning is coming fast, you need your rest in order to …” then a last good night and you then walk away and leave the light on just an extra two minutes and come back to close the light and say “love you, have a good sleep, and see you tomorrow!” and just close the light.

A child who has a certain time to adjust to the idea of going to bed will normally accept the idea of bed better than a child who has been told on the spur of the moment to do something and be commanded to do something. In that situation a child will usually fight, kick and scream because he is not happy about the idea of “NOW!”. So it is always the idea of making them adjust to the situation instead of reacting to the situation.

This method works for a lot of situation and will avoid a lot of wars, just remember we as adult don’t like to be commanded to do anything, we like to be asked, so why do we impose and demand it from our kids, it will not help them to become responsible adult if you always treat them with yelling and fighting, it will make them more aggressive, because everything growing up would have been a battle for them.

So pick your battles, most of the time they will listen to you more, respect you and be more inclined to come to you for help instead of lying, get in trouble and make your life miserable. It is always cute when they are small but they don’t stay cute and innocent long enough. So it is for you to be the responsible one and be the person who will guide them and get them ready for the real world.

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