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PCT Xtreme (Post Cycle Support & Testosterone Booster) Review

I am an amateur body builder and I take pride in the fact that I am all natural, unlike many people in this industry using this testosterone booster.  I do, however, rely on supplements to help me achieve gains and maintain my progress.  Recently I introduced the PCT Xtreme testosterone booster into my supplement routines, and it has given me such great gains and almost instant results that I needed to come here to write this review.

The cycle is key

First of all, I chose this product because it is part of a cycle.  To me, this was key, because if you just start taking a supplement every single day forever, eventually your body is going to get used to that supplement, and it will not have the same effects as it used to.  Pretty soon, you will have to start taking more and more, and even then, it will not have the same effects as you desire.  That is why I like the PCT Xtreme, because it takes advantage of your body’s ability to adjust without giving you the chance to get used to it.

The science of the cycle

This is a thirty day cycle, and it goes week by week.  The first week you take four pills a day, and you should feel the effects of this right away.  You will have more energy, you should be able to lift more.  It is really nice.  The second week you drop down to three pills a day.  You will be feeling even better during this week, you should see more results and gains.  The third week you only take two pills a day, but even still, you will be satisfied with your performance, and the fourth week you take two pills a day again.  Even in that fourth week, you will not be able to tell that you are taking less because your overall testosterone levels will be elevated from what they were before the cycle.

This 30 day cycle is plenty of time for you to achieve noticeable gains, and have them be solidified.  I would recommend going on a PCT Xtreme cycle during a bulking phase so you can get the maximum benefit from the increased testosterone.  You may be able to get two cycles in, too, perhaps one at the beginning and end of your bulk phase.  This is a safe and all natural way to supplement your workouts.  I have been impressed and pleased with my progress so far.

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