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- DIY Ideas

Some DIY Ideas

Crafting is undoubtedly that something that is not at all spicy. You can craft some things right in your own house. You can make use of things that you have lying around, here and there. Crafting with your children can sometimes get annoying because they keep demanding you things. I suggest you keep them in check by using things that are recyclable and some things that you do not need anymore. The DIY ideas that you can do will need cereal boxes, springs, egg cartons, jar lids, paper towel rolls and more.

We all know that children love to do DIY craft. Making use of recyclable objects to make these craft is undoubtedly a fun way to teach them and also a great way to learn, for us. It teaches children the benefits of recycling. I have created a list that will make sure that your children enjoy doing these projects.

You can create your own underwater paradise full of colourful fish, bubbles and plants as well. Collect all of the bottle caps which are made of plastic from bottles that are not in use. Paint the caps with bright colours and draw some scales on them. Now have a whole school of friendly fish.

Toilet roll bird

You can make a toilet roll bird feeder in some creative ways. This idea is definitely brilliant for birds. Save up on some toilet rolls and cover them in peanut butter. Roll them in birdseed and hang them outside. Here is a private birdwatching session for you.

I am sure that you have a stack of old CDs just lying around here and there. Children will actually love turning all of your old series into some different kinds of birds and other animals. Make sure that you supervise them when they are making use of the CDs. They can be sure when they are cut or broken.

They can also be used as wheels for a car that you can build with some leftover cardboard. Make use of a cardboard box and cut holes in the sides—four holes to be precise. Pass a wooden stick through the holes. Now attach a CD to each end of the stick. Paint the box according to your desires. Now you have a DIY car ready to roll around.

You can make an egg carton dragonfly very easily. All you need is an accordion, some coloured paper, some glow, some springs and you are set. Cut the egg carton in the middle, so it forms a long body. This is the body of the dragonfly. Cut the coloured paper in the shape of the wings and glue them onto the body. Please make use of the springs as its antennas. Paint the springs.

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